E. Moseley Gallery
Artist Statement

Finding creative meaning requires one to explore their passion.  I want the viewer to experience the scene I have painted in such a way that they are touched in some sense; by the beauty of it, by the colors used, or perhaps a memory of theirs is triggered.  I believe one's artwork must reflect that journey that the artist takes and express it in such a way that the viewer feels the artist's passion.

A representational style is the foundation for my work.  I use traditional oil paints and brushes on canvas or linen that is mounted on stretcher bars or canvas board. 

My 'Architectural Lingua' series deals with the way our culture and environment interact with architecture.  By bringing forth an architectural detail and placing it out of context allows the viewer to engage it differently.  All of the paintings in this series are titled in a variety of languages to reflect this thought process. 

Contact me at:

Elayne Moseley

eMail: info@emoseleygallery.com